Equuvation Inc.

A nature-based therapy + education center in North Carolina, Equuvation at Rocky Creek Ranch offers equine-facilitated psychotherapy {EFP}, equine-assisted learning {EAL}, therapeutic horsemanship {TH}, continuing education, leadership programs, sensory trail development and more. Equuvation was developed to be the catalyst for big ideas, innovative programs, collaboration and continuing education in any field of activity leveraging the horse-human connection. We invite you to learn more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it, as a mission-focused nonprofit.


Equine-facilitated psychotherapy [EFP]
is a form of experiential therapy that includes horses, and provides clients with opportunities to enhance self-awareness and re-pattern maladaptive behaviors, feelings and attitudes. EFP has proven beneficial for those managing symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and Autism; and those affected by trauma, abuse or chronic illness.

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Equine-assisted learning [EAL] is an experiential approach that promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal goals through equine-assisted activities. In an EAL setting, the experiential approach integrates equine-human interaction that is guided by a planned learning experience to meet the identified goals or desires of the participant(s).

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A holistic approach to developing a relationship with horses, our Therapeutic Horsemanship [TH] program combines elements of equine-assisted learning {groundwork} and therapeutic riding {mounted}. Participants benefit from an innovative curriculum which includes equine communication and behavior, daily horse care, grooming, tacking and foundational vaulting and riding skills.

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Equuvation’s Therapy + Education Center at Rocky Creek Ranch is currently accepting new clients
for all of our services. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an intake.