Equuvation Inc.


Casey Davidson

  • Age: 19
  • Location: Mooresville, NC
  • Grade: College Sophomore


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I am responding to your email regarding a letter of recommendation for Casey Davidson for your scholarship program. I would have written a letter but we just moved and my computer is still packed away somewhere!

I have known Casey since 2010 and at the time she was a riding student of a friend of mine. Eventually Casey became my student and she rode with me and showed with my show team. Now Casey is my most valuable employee at my new horse farm. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow from a nervous young rider to a confident young woman who I know I can trust with my farm. All of my other students look up to Casey and go to her for advice or help when I’m not around and she will always lend a hand when needed.

I truly can’t say enough to recommend Casey for this scholarship. She is one of the hardest working young ladies I have ever worked with. She always shows up for work on time or early, she works all day with no complaints (currently in the freezing cold) and then stays late to ride my ottb Larry in addition to schooling her own horse. Larry was a lesson horse at the farm I purchased (and he helped a previous scholarship winner of yours I have been told!) but he sat all this fall and into the winter with nobody handling him aside from turning him in and out. When I took possession of my farm he was rank, disrespectful, and absolutely wild in the ring. I was heartbroken for this poor horse who I know is a good boy but who had been let go. Casey offered to use her spare time to work with Larry and after a few groundwork sessions he is much more respectful and more easily handled. With my help she moved on to working Larry on the lunge and eventually got on and started riding him. I never have to tell her what to do, she has a great instinct with nervous horses and she is very patient and lets Larry think through his issues without pushing him. Now Larry is back in work and ready to go back to my lesson program thanks to Casey!

Casey owns her own ottb, Grady, as well and he is easily the barn favorite as he is well trained and has perfect manners, no doubt thanks to Casey’s gentle guidance. Casey’s parents are now divorced and offer her little financial support so she is unable to afford to take her lovely horse to shows or clinics and I let her work for lessons here and there. I would love to see her be able to share in what my other students are fortunate to get to do. I’ve seen her sad look when my other students are talking about an upcoming show even though she tries not to let it bother her. She’s the one at the farm taking care of everyone’s horses so she can afford hers while they’re off doing other activities. I can honestly say I don’t think there’s anyone you’ll find more deserving than Casey Davidson for your scholarship. She is one of a kind and horse girls like her are a rare thing these days.

Breann Jencka
Owner, Waters Edge Farm


To whom it may concern,
I am writing on the behalf of Casey Davidson in regards to her application for the 2018 scholarship opportunity.  Casey asked that she list me as a reference and I was honored to be considered by her!

My family and Casey's family have been friends since 1995 and are still great friends to this day, despite the miles in between us all now.  I have known Casey since she was born and have watched her turn into an amazing and hardworking woman in her scholastic, personal and horsemanship life.  I taught her riding lessons on and off when my location warranted it and she was always willing to come early and stay after to help around the barn with any chores necessary.  

I don't have one specific memory of Casey, but an entire show season she spent showing with me on a local hunter/jumper circuit.  Casey was one of my older students at the small lesson barn I was running.  She was the student I turned to for everything: help clipping/bathing/grooming, help with a younger or less advanced student, or running errands at the horse show.  I knew any task she was given (or found on her own to step up) would be taken in with enthusiasm to strive for perfection, which is what I expected - and she knew it!  She was so helpful on top of showing her own leased horse as well.   I could always count on her to make my job easier at the horse shows and around the farm.  All of my other students looked up to her and she made an excellent example for them in all aspects of horse showing and horse care in general.

Now, Casey is working hard to keep her own OTTB and I know she would love to continue learning and growing with "Grady," but she is not financially able to board, care AND show him right now.  This scholarship would be an amazing opportunity to give her the leg up she needs!

Thank you for offering this amazing opportunity to young horsemen and women in the community!

Lauren Wintz


I've known Casey Davidson for approximately 4 years or so. Casey has worked for my company performing part-time administrative work, but I also know her from when she had her horse at our barn (she also helped care for the horses). I have always known her to be very reliable and professional - well beyond her years.

Casey is the first to jump in (no pun intended) if someone (or their horse) needs help or there is work to be done. It is rare these days to see such qualities in young people - and Casey has shown herself to be very dedicated to anything she sets her mind to as long as I have known her. Many young college students are absorbed in their own activities, but Casey is eager to help others along with dedicating her time to her sweet thoroughbred, Grady. She also dedicated her time to work at barns, haul others to shows and do any other work she could do to help fund her love of horses and their care.

She’s exhibited compassion and patience to people and all living things even as a young teen. I highly recommend Casey for this scholarship, and she would be an excellent steward for the programs and services equuvation provides.

Thank you for your consideration!
Laura E. Schumacher