Equuvation Inc.


Junior Leadership Council

New for 2018, the Junior Leadership Council is a young extension of our Board of Directors. Youth, teens and young adults (up to age 21), who have shown a passion for giving back to their communities, exemplify kindness and compassion towards others, and exhibit an interest in the equine industry, are recruited to form this inaugural group of society changemakers. Junior Leadership Council members will have the opportunity to weigh in on issues affecting the nonprofit organization, grow or launch programs and ideas, and receive mentorship from our Board of Director officers and consultants. 

Members of the JLC ::

  • Are known as kind, dedicated and passionate “role models” by their peers, family and teachers

  • Exhibit quality horsemanship and sportsmanship in the equestrian field

  • Recognize and believe in the power of the horse-human connection for personal growth

  • Are collaborative team-players at school and home

  • Show initiative and lead-by-example in their communities by giving back, volunteering and being strong ambassadors for causes they believe in

Members of the JLC will ::

  • Have the opportunity to engage with Equation’s BOD on important issues and decisions affecting the organization

  • Assist in the creation and growth of programs, projects and events for the organization

  • Have the opportunity to participate in continuing education and leadership development or certification opportunities in the field

  • Receive mentorship, support and recommendations for college and future jobs or volunteer positions

  • Network and connect with other youth and young adults

More information on the JLC will be available in fall of 2018. Contact us if you have any questions.