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Kyndalyn Powell

  • Age: 18
  • Location: Greenville, NC
  • Grade: 12th


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Dear Sir or Madam:

I am extremely honored to recommend Kyndalyn Powell for consideration for the Spark* Scholarship.  I admire Kyndalyn, not only for her leadership abilities, but for her genuine love and passionate desire to excel in the equestrian field.  She is a role model for all the riders at our barn and always the first person to assist new riders, help with uncooperative horses, and offer assistance when horses need mending.   

Kyndalyn won my heart and respect when my granddaughter’s horse was injured.  We were new to the equestrian world and overwhelmed is an understatement.  Kyndalyn stepped in and helped this 10 year old girl care for her horse.  Not only did she offer her help.  She used it as a moment to teach my granddaughter.  She gave her confidence she did not have and we will be forever grateful.

Kyndalyn is a genuine leader.  She has excelled in 4-H for six years holding offices within our club and currently president of the Pitt County Council.  She uses every opportunity to further her knowledge as an equestrian and attended Youth Day at North Carolina State University multiple times.  She has worked as a groom for two barns while maintaining an excellent record in high school.  She absorbs knowledge like a sponge from her trainers and veterinarian to fill the desires of her heart.

While many riders of her talent would seek out trained horses to advance as an equestrian, Kyndalyn has chosen a different path.  She and her younger sister rescued two horses that were under weight and under loved.  She sowed her own pastures to make sure the horses had room to move about and get the nutrition they needed to heal.  Recently, Kyndalyn saved another rescue, a six year old mustang, which she named Halo.  He had never had his feet done , no shot record, nor a Coggins.  She is training him now and plans to show him in the district and state 4-H shows.  She saved her money to purchase Halo which is not unusual for Kyndalyn.  She has worked multiple jobs to have the funds needed for her equestrian obsession. 

For these reasons, I highly recommend Kyndalyn Powell as a candidate for the Spark* Scholarship.  She will be an asset to your program.  Thank you for your consideration and should you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.  

Patricia James



To: Whom it may concern

 I have been the fortunate one to have Kyndalyn Powell in my life for over 8 years. I have watched her grow into an extraordinary young women. I became Kyndalyn’s trainer over 8 years ago and have witnessed her grow into the person she is today, as well as an accomplished equestrian.  

Just a little background on myself, I am a registered Trauma Nurse and work full time as a nurse and own a barn with 25 plus horses. I have been teaching and competing for 44 years. My barn is in Bethel, NC. I teach approximately 25 lessons a week after work.  I teach western, hunter jumpers, and dressage, from beginner to intermediate levels.
A few words  that come to mind when I think of Kyndalyn is  compassionate, loyal, dedicated, talented, loving, energetic, dependable, hardworking,  and capable of any task put in front of her. 

Kyndalyn’ passion for horses has continued to grow more and more every year.  This young women has been determined since I have known her to own her own horse and she now has four horses, three of which she has rescued and manages them on her own at her house. Her parents have bought a house with land and were able to fulfil her dream of owning her own horse.   

Over the last few years as she has matured into a young women and an exceptional rider. She is eager to learn and loves challenges.  She will work many different horses at my farm during lessons, ie: green horses, wild mustangs, young Thoroughbreds, challenging horses and ones that were being difficult that day. She is my go to girl, to jump on and work them. Kyndalyn recognized her love for teaching a few years ago and has become a great resource for me during lessons. She has an extraordinary ability to teach and to share her knowledge. She communicates with the children and adults on a level they understand. She has also helped with our annual Summer Camp. This annual camp had approximately 25 kids that stay for 3 days and nights with a horse show on the final day. She has been very instrumental in helping me plan and implement my annual camps for the last few years, prior to that she was a camper. 

Kyndalyn’s ultimate desire is to become a vet. Whenever my vet is scheduled to come to the house she is there to observe and learn. She helps me twice a year de-worm and given all my horses their immunizations. She is willing to help with barn work, she has learned how to trim feet and fix fences which are all important qualities when managing horses of your own. 

 Kyndalyn is very involved in 4 –H and is the president of our group. She has competed for several years in the 4 –H District show and qualified for the State 4 –H horse show each year. Last year she competed with multiple horses in multiple disciplines and still found time to help me with my other 11 kids that I had at the show. Not only does she compete with the horses, she competes with chickens, cows and sheep in the 4-H shows.

I highly recommend you consider Kyndalyn for this scholarship program. This is her passion and I know you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Tammy Spain


I am so happy to be a reference for Kyndalyn.  My daughter and I have known her for about 3 1/2 years.  She rides at the barn where my daughter rides and takes horse back riding lessons.  She has always been the most mature and kind young lady.  She has always offered her help and time to me and my daughter whenever we ask and sometimes without us asking.  She has been a constant source of courage and inspiration for my daughter.  She teaches the young girls how to properly tack up their horses and care for them.  She also offers help when the horses are not behaving.  Many of the girls at the barn look up to Kyndalyn and want to be as brave and knowledgeable as she is when it comes to horses.  

Kyndalyn would absolutely be a deserving candidate for this scholarship.  She always impresses me with her desire to learn and better herself.  She constantly tries new things and rises to any occasion presented to her.  She has always been a leader at horse camp and is very skillful in leading a group of young girls but also able to carry on a very meaningful conversation with all of the adults as well.  Our trainer always asks if anyone wants to try different things like drawing blood on the horses, trimming their hooves, or other veterinarian activities.  Kyndalyn is always the first to raise her hand and give it a try.  She is also the first one to offer encouragement when one of the girls is afraid to try a jump or ride a certain horse.  In fact, she is part of the reason my daughter is able to ride her new green horse.  We bought my daughter a new horse in April and the horse is young and untrained.  Kyndalyn volunteered to come over a few times and ride the new horse and encourage Caroline.  She gave Caroline pointers on how to handle certain things that the new horse was doing.  Kyndalyn is part of the reason Caroline was brave enough to keep trying even when she was afraid.  Our horse is a lot calmer now and Caroline is training her on her own for the most part.  Kyndalyn always offers encouragement and a kind word to all the girls at the barn.  She is also the first to help if someone is having trouble with some aspect of riding.  She always offers advice or a strategy that she has personally tried herself. 

Kyndalyn has always impressed me with her love of horses and all animals.  She has a deep respect for the animals and models respect for the younger girls in all of her dealings with them.  Her heart is kind and anyone who spends 5 minutes with her can see that.  She has 2 rescue horses of her own now and she cares for them and has provided a nice life for them.  She is not afraid of hard work and does what it takes to care for her horses.   

We are so thankful for Kyndalyn and all that she brings to the barn that we belong to.  She is a very hard worker and certainly has a love for all things equestrian.  I have no doubt that Kyndalyn will do great things when she graduates high school.  I can’t wait to see what she does in college.  She is a dear friend and a valuable asset in our barn family.  Please contact me if I can help you in any other way.

Ashley Bryant