Equuvation Inc.


Equuvation Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, aspires to promote innovation, education, collaboration and professional service delivery in any field of activity leveraging the horse-human connection.

All of the Corporation’s activities will be conducted prioritizing equine welfare through the respectful and humane treatment of horses; and all activities will operate under the values of compassion, equality, collaboration, open-mindedness and integrity.

Equuvation will work to set and support model standards and examples of practice in the areas of:

  • Nature-based, equine and animal-assisted psychotherapy and learning
  • Services and ideas as they relate to The Lifecycle of the Horse
  • Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy
  • Nature-based Healing & Wellness Retreats
  • Para-Athlete and Special Olympic programs
  • Program-specific equine retraining, acquisition and placement
  • Holistic training for young equestrians with a focus on rider self-confidence and equine welfare
  • Internship opportunities for students in the fields of equine, agriculture, animal-assisted therapies,
    early childhood education and non-profit development
  • Mentoring development for both participants and professionals in our field
  • Innovative Sensory Trail development, production, distribution and training
  • Innovative product development and distribution as it relates to the equine and animal-assisted therapies industry
  • Continuing Education & Research for professionals in our field
  • Fundraising and grant resources; and program sustainability support

Equuvation Inc. was founded by a collaborative group of industry professionals who are passionate about supporting and creating equine-centric programs, as they aim to benefit the horse-human connection long into perpetuity. To get involved, please contact us.