Equuvation Inc.

Donors, Sponsors and Community Supporters

We wish to extend heartfelt gratitude to our donors, supporters and sponsors. It takes a village, and we have a great one.

Byrnes Family
Charlotte, NC

Cobra Renovating
Lincolnton, NC

Flamand Family
Guilford, CT

Joan Sprague
Davidson, NC

Gaulden Family
Greer, SC

Patty & Coco Lee
New York

McIntosh Family
Alexandria, VA

Pettigrew Family
Mooresville, NC

Ray Family
Charleston, SC

Schultz Family
Charlotte, NC

Shugg Family
Statesville, NC

Carlisle Family
Mooresville, NC


Lisa & Gracie Snyder
Statesville, NC

Sunris Family
Charlotte, NC

Yamasaki Family
Scottsdale, AZ

Richardson Family
Davidson, NC