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The Discovery Trail

The Discovery Trail is an equine-accessible, multi-dimensional outdoor sensory experience intended for therapeutic and educational use; with the mission to create an environment for guests of all ages and abilities to: experience the outdoors in a safe and delightful way; reach for and achieve therapeutic and educational goals; and have an opportunity to learn from, and develop a relationship with horses. The Discovery Trail is a tool that may be incorporated into other programs, for example: EAP, EAL, Spectrum Saddle Club and Wellness Retreats.

For families, businesses and other organizations - Adopt-A-Trail-Station!

A fun and easy way to get your family, friends or business involved in volunteering, "Adopt-A-Trail-Station" along The Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek! For those who adopt the station of their choice, you:

  • Agree to come at least 3 times per year to clean up the station, pick-up limbs, rake footing, cob-web, organization storage sheds, touch-up paint, and repair existing elements.

  • Create or install NEW ideas and elements in the station that align with our sensory goals for that letter of the alphabet. [We can help get you started if you are not sure what to do!]

  • Will receive recognition for your "adoption" project through an engraved plate affixed to the station that reads, "Station X adopted by The X Family"

We will take care of the rest! There is NO donation fee for this program; it is a volunteer opportunity. Perfect for families, scouts, schools, businesses and more. Click on the button above to sign up! Questions? rcdiscoverytrail@gmail.com

About The Discovery Trail

What is a sensory trail?

A “sensory trail” is a sequential outdoor experience that incorporates cognitive, visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory sensory integration, promotes fine and gross motor skills, visual tracking and scanning, hand-eye coordination, and motor planning. Often, sensory trails incorporate the letters of the alphabet, A through Z, to mark the length of and stops along the trail. Sensory Trails are commonly seen at Therapeutic Riding Center facilities, allowing children and adults the opportunity to experience cognitive development and stimulation while on the back of a horse.

Who should use the Discovery Trail?

THERAPISTS, COUNSELORS, SOCIAL WORKERS and other MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS working with individual clients of any age, ability or need. We also have space and programming geared towards continuing education and retreats (corporate or non-profit). {Must show proof of licensure.}

EDUCATORS and TEACHERS who have small groups of students ready to learn in new ways; and benefit from increased physical, emotional and mental well-being while being immersed in nature.

PARENTS with children who have sensory integration issues, learning disabilities or other special needs.

CERTIFIED THERAPEUTIC RIDING INSTRUCTORS and CERTIFIED EQUINE SPECIALISTS working with individuals who have physical and/or mental/emotional special needs.

SCOUT GROUPS, SCHOOL GROUPS, YOUTH GROUPS and/or BUSINESSES/ORGANIZATIONS who crave a great outdoor educational, team-building or athletic experience. Group experiences will be designed ahead of time in collaborating with the lead chaperone/educator.

What is unique about the Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek?

Featuring twenty-six sensory stations, a family-friendly Fit-Trail, and a "hands-on" Equine Lifecycle Experience, the Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek aims to set an example as a best-in-class facility for experiential therapy and learning; offering therapists, educators, parents, groups and equestrians an opportunity to expand the experience of their clients, children and themselves.

We feel that a sensory trail experience can be useful to more than just therapeutic riding clients, incorporating mental health development and treatment plans, adult respite and learning, youth education and family fitness. Our goal is to positively impact and inspire the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of each participant.

In the world of therapeutic riding, sensory trails are accessed on horseback, but the Discovery Trail may also be accessed on foot, all-terrain wheelchair or by ATV, as well as on the back of a horse. Components and activities are designed for all ages and abilities; and for use at varying heights.

Additionally, our hope is to make each station reproducible for other centers and organizations by providing plans, shopping lists, costs, time estimates and financial support through micro grant-making.

Is the Discovery Trail open to the public?

We are not open to the public. Our programs and facilities are available by appointment only for individuals and groups who are seeking therapeutic or educational interventions. We require the referral or recommendation of an educational (teacher), therapy, healthcare or social work professional. However, we do host several public events each calendar year – click here to see our current calendar and plan to join us!


To learn more about The Discovery Trail or get involved as a volunteer, please visit our web site: www.rcdiscoverytrail.org!