Equuvation Inc.


Tentative Topic Schedule

NOV 14 {2018} – Problem-Solving Horse Care
Emergency Prep • Natural Disaster Prep • Trailering • Creating an Emergency Plan for Your Farm • Helpful Tools/Equipment • Preparing for Winter

JAN 16 {2019} – Getting Started in Horses
The Basics of Care and Bringing a Horse Into Your Family • Herd Dynamics • Keeping Horses at Home vs Boarding • Introduction to Grooming • Q&A Panel

FEB 20 {2019} – Your Horse's Care Team
Vet, Farrier, Nutrition and Bodywork • Equine First Aid Kit DIY • Q&A Panel • Guest Presenters (Farrier, Vet)

MAR 20 {2019} – An Introduction to Horsemanship
Approach • Communication • Basic Horsemanship On-line • Grooming • Choosing the Right Instructor or Discipline • Q&A

APR 17 {2019} – Equine Business
Career Options • Equine Business Plans • For Profit vs Non-profit • What Makes a Successful Horse Business, and What Doesn't • Q&A Panel

NOV 13 {2019} – Alternative Treatments
Red Light, Accupuncture, Massage • Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies • DIY Recipes • Q&A Panel • Guest Presenters

Lifecycle of the Horse
Workshop Series

The Lifecycle of the Horse Workshop Series is a seasonal roundtable experience designed to provide education and inspiration, as well as spark conversation, about a variety of equine topics. Both the aspiring “green” horse lover and the lifelong horseman (or woman!) can come together, enjoying friends and food, as we navigate the different areas of care, work and life associated with having horses in our lives.

Wednesday Evenings • 5:30-7:00pm
Hosted by Rocky Creek Ranch and The Discovery Trail
Snow Creek Road | Statesville, NC 28625
Easy access off I-77, comfortable indoor/outdoor facilities!
Light refreshments will be served!

Cost: $10 per adult or $25 per family/car-load (3 or more)*
Your donation directly benefits the therapeutic programs of Equuvation and The Discovery Trail.

The workshops are open to ANYONE who has an interest in learning more about horses. You do not have to own horses to attend. A great series for parents of horse-crazy kids!

At each workshop, attendees will also receive take-aways that provide barn hack and DIY ideas, templates for record-keeping and business planning, contacts for equine professionals in our region, and much more!

Check back often to see updates on workshop content and guest speakers! Please RSVP via email or individual event listings on Facebook!

Created and curated by Equuvation, these workshops are part of an ongoing educational experience that fully explores the Lifecycle of the Horse – from breeding to birth, weaning to handling, early training, “first job,” competitive careers, daily care, change in ownership, injuries, retirement and death. Discover how our human interaction with horses has changed the timeline and cycle of these animals, and how we can do a better job of caring for their natural needs – physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

Would you like to be a guest presenter at our LOTH Workshops? If so, please email Erica at equuvationinc@gmail.com!