Equuvation Inc.

Support the Mission through Donation

All donors will receive a tax receipt.
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Our goal is to provide leadership, resources and funding for any field of activity leveraging the horse-human connection. This includes, but not limited to: The Discovery Trail, innovative programs and concepts created by Equuvation, support of local programs providing EAP, EAL, TR and Hippotherapy to individuals and groups in need, education and research, and small grants for like-minded projects. In order to do this, we rely on the financial support of our community.

There are also a variety of ways that local businesses, individuals and groups can support Equuvation Inc. and all of its projects or affiliates, from gift donations to ongoing or special event sponsorships; product and service donations, AmazonSmile and more. Read more below.

We accept online and personal/business check donations.

To make a donation via check in snail mail, send it directly to:
Equuvation Inc.  •  PO Box 6357, Statesville NC 28687
Make checks payable to Equuvation Inc.

Sustaining Donations

From as little as $5, sustaining cash donations in any amount help to maintain and grow our therapeutic programs. Even the smallest show of support makes a big difference. We can accept matching gifts; and we are happy to name your donation in honor or memory of someone you know.

Legacy Sponsorships

For those seeking a lasting show of support for Equuvation’s programs, Legacy Sponsorships are available. These levels of promise include individual sponsorships of our Discovery Trail stations and a larger stakeholder presence for the farm itself.

200 Envelopes Campaign

New for 2018, our 200 Envelopes Campaign allows donors of all commitment levels to get involved in contributing to the bigger picture. Select and sponsor an envelope, with a value ranging from $1 to $200 and help us raise more than $20,000 before the end of the year!

Sponsorship or Attend an Event

Join us for one of our signature events each calendar year, or get your business and family involved on a bigger scale! Event sponsorships are available starting at $250 and include a variety of benefits that help to promote the collaboration of your business or family with our organization’s mission.


For those who are passionate about pledging support to our beloved therapy animals directly, the PhanClub may be of interest. Developed to support therapy animals with special needs, this program allows for sponsorship at various levels, and awards donors with the opportunity for hands-on equine experiences. Click here to learn more.

In-Kind Donations

An easy way for many to support our organization beyond cash donations is through in-kind support. Those who donate services and products in-kind are recognized as sponsors of the event or program towards which the donation applies. Click here to see what is on our current Wish List!


Our organization falls into several categories that allow us to apply for grants, both large and small. We are always looking for volunteer grantwriters, and new grant opportunities that align with our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have a variety of ways for individuals, families and businesses to get involved with our organization – from one-time team projects to ongoing weekly volunteers. We thrive as a result of those who give selflessly of their time. 

Attention, friends of Triple Play Farm! If you have been directed here to make a donation towards a grant that supports EFP and/or EFL at TPF for those who cannot pay {including the COMPASS program}, you are in the right place! Your funds will be earmarked for this purpose. Please contact us if you have any questions! 



Our Wish List

If you and your family are looking for easy ways to get involved in giving throughout the year, we invite you to learn more about our equine-assisted activities and therapies. You can support Equuvation Inc. (and The Discovery Trail at Rocky Creek!) by selecting an item from our Wish List that directly impacts our programs.

**We have several small items that we are always looking for – brushes, treats, salt licks and more – which are fun things for kids to collect and donate to our horses in person!**