Equuvation Inc.


Therapeutic Horsemanship + Riding

A holistic approach to developing a relationship with horses, our therapeutic horsemanship program combines elements of equine-assisted learning {groundwork} and therapeutic riding {mounted}. Participants benefit from an innovative curriculum, beginning with appropriate introduction and communication skills; continuing through daily horse care, grooming, tacking and foundational vaulting and riding skills. A “sensory friendly” program, therapeutic horsemanship sessions are further tailored to the physical, cognitive and social-emotional needs of individual participants. Instructors are PATH Intl. Certified and sessions may utilize both The Discovery Trail and the Equicizer.

Curriculum + Opportunities

Sessions may be private or semi-private and are tailored to the individual needs, age and goals of the participants.
The therapeutic horsemanship program may offer participants the opportunities to learn and experience the following:

Introducing one's self to a Horse   |   Equine Body Language and Non-verbal Communication   |   Haltering   |   Leading   |   Herd Dynamics Working at Liberty {round pen}   |   Grooming   |   Tacking   |   Parts of the Horse   |   Types of Tack and Equipment   |   Feeding and Nutrition   |   Basic First Aid   |   Groundwork Exercises   |   Horsemanship Fundamentals   |   Foundation Vaulting Skills   |   Bareback   |   Foundation Riding Skills {English or Western}   |   Trail Riding {The Discovery Trail}   |   Obstacle Courses   |   Teamwork with other Participants   |   Preparing for an Equine Competition   |   Participating in Equine Competition {on-site}   |   Other Animals

This program also includes a "Reading at the Ranch" literacy initiative to inspire children to read more books! In partnership with area schools and libraries, participants may select a book and their favorite herd member for an hour of reading time. More info coming soon – volunteers needed!


Equuvation Inc. is a Member Center of PATH Intl. – Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International; and is home to two PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors and Equine Specialists in Mental Health and Learning [ESMHL]; and one PATH Instructor-in-Training.

We are currently accepting applications. If you wish to inquire if this program would be a good fit for your child, please contact us.