Equuvation Inc.

Our mission. Equuvation Inc. aspires to promote innovation, education, collaboration and professional service delivery in any field of activity leveraging the horse-human connection.

What We Are

Equuvation was founded by a collaborative group of industry professionals who are passionate about supporting and creating equine-centric programs, as they aim to benefit the horse-human connection long into perpetuity.

Equuvation was developed with the belief that collaboration is the key to sustainability, and to making a bigger impact in our communities. Aiming to be the catalyst for working together on big ideas, innovative programs and continuing education in the field, Equuvation is dedicated to building a creative and collaborative space for our industry.

Based out of a naturally-rich equestrian property, Equuvation has created a safe and thoughtful space for children, teens and adults to seek healing, inspiration and education. On the therapeutic side, we offer nature-based programs (including equine- and animal-assisted therapies) for individuals who have special needs; are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and Autism; and those whose lives have been impacted by trauma, abuse or chronic illness. On the educational side, we provide a variety of related learning opportunities for all ages and continuing ed for professionals.

Through the mindful development of Equuvation’s facility, both people and animals are able to find sanctuary. Horse and animal care practices are dedicated to the lifetime emotional and physical needs of the animals chosen to be partners in this work; and National Wildlife Federation Sanctuary status defines the farm as a safe space for all wildlife. As a “sensory friendly” facility, disruptive noises and distractions are kept to a minimum, and the organization is led by a team who is kind, compassionate and open-minded.

What We Do

Equuvation works to set and support model standards and examples of practice in the areas of:

  • Nature-based, equine-facilitated and animal-assisted psychotherapy and learning

  • Services and ideas as they relate to The Lifecycle of the Horse

  • Therapeutic Riding and Para-Athlete Programs

  • Nature-based Healing & Wellness Retreats

  • Holistic training for young equestrians with a focus on rider self-confidence and equine welfare

  • Educational scholarships for young adults

  • Career development and volunteer-social opportunities for young adults and teens living with special needs or mental health challenges

  • Internship opportunities for students in any related field

  • Program-specific equine retraining, acquisition and placement

  • Innovative sensory trail development, production, distribution and training

  • Innovative product development and testing as it relates to equine and animal-assisted industries

  • Continuing Education & Research for professionals in our field

  • Fundraising and grant resources; and program sustainability support

Who We Do It For

Equuvation focuses efforts on programs and ideas serving the following communities:

  • Youth who may be identified as “at risk”, including but not limited to, children and teens in foster care, newly formed families through foster and adoption, accused bullies and victims of bullying, and children living in extreme poverty or homelessness.

  • Adults and youth who have special needs, including but not limited to, Autism, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, learning disorders, communication disorders, visual impairment, hearing impairment, traumatic injury and genetic disorders.

  • Adults and youth who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, loss of self-esteem, body image and eating disorders, bullying and addiction.

  • Adults and youth whose lives have been impacted by trauma or abuse.

  • Individuals and families managing chronic lifestyle challenges, including but not limited to, cancer or serious illness diagnosis and treatment, hospice, loss of a loved one, divorce, deployment and blended families/foster arrangements.

  • Groups and individuals within nonprofit, corporate and other business communities or organizations seeking wellness, self-care, team-building and other educational or motivational outlets.

  • Educational opportunities for children and adults to learn about, become inspired by, and develop stewardship for nature, domestic animals, wildlife, and each other.

All of the Corporation’s activities will be conducted prioritizing equine welfare through the respectful and humane treatment of horses (and other animals); and all activities will operate under the values of compassion, equality, collaboration, open-mindedness and integrity. To get involved, please contact us.