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Lifecycle of the Horse

This innovative program is an ongoing educational experience that fully explores the Lifecycle of the Horse™ – from breeding to birth, weaning to handling, early training, “first job,” competitive careers, daily care, change in ownership, injuries, retirement and death. Through workshop opportunities, thoughtful curriculums, and other resources, those who engage can discover how our human interaction with horses has changed the timeline and cycle of these animals, for better and for worse; and how we can do a better job of caring for their natural needs – physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

LOTH programs and resources include:

Open-source Curriculum and Educational Resources   |   Visual Learning Tools   |   Mini Workshops   |   Clinics   |   Conferences

Join us for 2018-2019 Lifecycle of the Horse Workshops at Rocky Creek Ranch.
Click here to view the schedule. Topics to be released by October 1, 2019.